The #LoveIsLove Equality Association is a non-profit created to unite people in the pursuit of love equality. They believe in celebrating the diversity of love, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, status, or ability.
Icon: A standalone symbol for the organization. Representing a badge and shield, this icon symbolizes strength, courage, and protection in the face of adversity and hatred. The six light blue spokes emanating from the heart represent advocacy, education, community, representation, safety, and leadership—the values of the organization. The six dark blue spokes represent race, gender, sexuality, religion, status, and ability—the diversity of human love. 
Wordmark: The scripted, handwritten styled wordmark represents the initial campaign of the organization, when 1,500+ students from across the country handwrote their own personal quotes and stories about love and love equality, which were then plastered on campus walls across Canada.
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